We offer many and varied in-villa menus to complement your stay at The Villas Phuket

The Villas Nai Harn - In House Breakfast and Lunch

Our villas are complete with a fulltime housekeeper/cook, dedicated to caring for you, cooking meals, cleaning the villa and ensuring you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay with us.
Our rental package includes the cooks’ service to prepare breakfast for you, but we do not include breakfast, free of charge, in our rental rate. The service charge for preparing breakfast is included in your rental, but not the actual groceries.

Our guests travel from all over the world and have many different requirements for breakfast, so there is no standard breakfast included, instead our cooks can prepare breakfast for you, selected from the in-house menu. The cook will buy the groceries (if you give her a cash advance), or you can purchase items yourselves, to be prepared by the cook.

If we arrange your airport pick up and transfer to the villa, you are offered a complimentary "Supermarket Stop / 24 Hour Mini-Mart Stop“ (for up to one hour) so you have the opportunity to buy grocery items yourselves, and the cook can prepare a meal from these items.

If you require lunch, you can select up to six menu items, plus rice/noodles and vegetables, from our in-house Thai menu. Service charge to prepare lunch is included in your rental package, please provide the cook with THB cash to purchase groceries for you, and she will prepare the meal as requested.

The service charge to prepare Breakfast (anytime from 8:30am) and Lunch (from around 12:00 noon - 2pm) is included in your rental cost and you pay for only groceries/ingredients. If you require Breakfast to be prepared earlier than 8:30am, this can be arranged, but there is a 200 THB per hour overtime charge for the cook to prepare the meal earlier.

The Villas Nai Harn - In House Evening Meals

The standard charge for Evening meal preparation and service is 1,000 THB per evening, plus cost of groceries.
Please Note: As our villas accommodate up to 25 guests, the charge is 500 THB up to 6 guests, 1,000 THB for 7 to 18 guests and 1,500 THB from 19 - 25 guests.

Ingredients pricing:

The cost of groceries depends on the items chosen from the menu, we give an approximate charge per head for you to pass to your cook, for her to buy the groceries and ingredients for the selections you require preparing.

As an indication, cost of Breakfast ranges between 100 - 200 THB per head, depending on your selections from the menu.

Thai meals varies from 200 THB to 250 THB per head, depending on your choices, seafood, steak/beef and duck are more expensive options (so 250 THB a head) and vegetables, chicken, pork, noodles, pad Thai are all cheaper options, so around 200 THB per head.

BBQ food varies from 300 - 500 THB per head, depending on your selections. Seafood (lobster, king prawns, whole fish) and steak are more expensive, while chicken, pork, sausages, burgers and vegetables are lower cost selections.


Below you will find The Villas Phuket menu options for you - In house Breakfast, Thai Menu, Children’s and BBQ to view/download and choose from.

bbq menu the villas pdf
childrens menu pdf the villas
thai food menu the villas pdf

Ordering and Pre-ordering:

You can decide on meals after your arrival, giving THB cash money to the cook to buy groceries. Please give her at least a couple of hours notice - to allow her time for shopping, preparation and cooking.

If you require a meal on arrival, please make your selections from our menus and tell us your choices - we will pass the order onto the cook and provide a cash advance for them to buy the necessary ingredient and groceries. You will be invoiced for groceries and any applicable service charge directly, this is to be settled in cash prior to your departure.

Please Note: It is not possible for our cooks to prepare Evening Meals during the DAYTIME, and leave for eating later, to avoid paying the evening service charge, as our housekeepers/cooks do not have time during the day in addition to their other responsibilities. Please do not ask them to prepare meals outside of the designated service charge times.

Purchasing of Groceries:

If we arrange your airport pick up and transfer to the villa, you are offered a complimentary "Supermarket Stop / 24 Hour Mini-Mart Stop“ (for up to one hour) so you have the opportunity to buy grocery items yourselves, and the cook can prepare a meal from these items.

If you wish to visit one of the many Convenience Stores, local or International Supermarkets, seafood/wet markets or Cash and Carry store, our Guest Relations Manager can arrange transportation for you any time during your stay. The cost for this service depends on destination and length of time.

If you prefer to relax and enjoy your holiday, without having to spend time in Supermarkets, your housekeeper can prepare meals for you selected from the in-house menus, buying all the required groceries and ingredients for meals she prepares.

Extra Groceries items and drinks, not on the menus can be purchased by your villa’s housekeeper, but please remember that our ladies travel everywhere on motorbikes, so cannot carry large amounts of shopping. Our staff are very helpful, but many do not read or write English, and are not familiar with International brands, so they will assist where possible. There is a 20% service charge for extra shopping items purchased by the villas housekeeper on “special request”.

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