Alison Mastin

Shepparton, Victoria, Australia |

Villa Maria

5 ladies, 59 & over, stayed for 5 nights at Villa Maria. Plane was an hour late but our taxi was still waiting for us. Only issue was he didn’t speak English and we don’t speak any other language. We were greeted at the door by a very enthusiastic Dow, who hauled our cases inside and ushered us into the family area. We met Dui, who was cooking our evening meal, and she also greeted us warmly. The Villa was everything the photos describe. We were blown away. Dinner was served and then we each chose a room. Each room was as comfortable as the next so whoever opened the door got that room. After a restful night we were served breakfast, which was a feast. Dui & Dow go about their daily chores as if they were invisible. Just when you want to talk to them they appear from nowhere with a smile. Dui prepares the dinner with a sing-song that is comforting to listen to. We villa is big enough that we were able to have time to our selves when we needed it, we didn’t have to go and spend it in our room if we chose not to. We 5 Aussies would recommend Villa Maria.

July 3rd 2014

Rating: 10/10