At 10 metres, Bang Pae is Phuket's largest waterfall, and although not that large, it is certainly worth visiting, particularly in the rainy season from May to October. During the dryer months the water flow reduces, but still pleasurable, especially when you can still enjoy the lake, cooler park area, shaded by the tree canopy, and a meal in one of the local restaurants.

Entrance to the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park for visitors is 200 baht, and it is recommended to wear good shoes as the path to the waterfall can be a little slippery, especially in the wet months, and as you are walking through the jungle, ensure you are covered in mosquito repellent. You also have the opportunity to swim in the cool waters, so come prepared!

The Gibbon Rehabilitation centre is found close by, so you are advised to take notice of signs asking for no food or drink allowed near the waterfall, in case you come face to face with one of the inhabitants. For more details on the Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre please look under our separate listing, which gives all necessary information.

Turn right at the Heroine's Monument roundabout on the main road to the airport, about 30 minutes from the villas, and head towards the national park. Follow this road for about nine kilometres until you reach an elephant camp then turn left. The Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre is sign posted.


If you are visiting Bang Pae Waterfall, we suggest walking through the national park, with a hired guide, to the western side, and visit the Ton Sai ('Banyan Tree') Waterfall. This waterfall is smaller and less impressive than its sister, but it is easier to access, and is accompanied by a lake, gardens, a small children playground, and a selection of restaurants.

For a day exploring the natural beauty of Phuket, and to escape from the sun, a visit to the waterfalls and the trek from one to the other, or the two kilometre trek around the back of Ton Sai Waterfall is a good option.

As above, turning right the Heroine's Monument roundabout on the main road to the airport.


In the Phuket heat the steep climb to the top of The Kathu waterfall is quite demanding, but once you reach the top the pools are very inviting and in the wetter months, the waterfall and the surrounding jungle are certainly worth the trip. There are plenty of food stalls, shade and tables and chairs along the way, and two artificial drop pools about half way up.
Turn Left towards Kathu at the Central intersection on the main road heading to the airport, and follow Route 4020 until you see a black marble sign for the waterfall. Turn left again onto 'Thanon Namtokkathu' Kathu Waterfall, Street.


Ao Yon Waterfall is found behind the Ao Yon beach, near Cape Panwa, and is quite difficult to access, so ensure you wearing good shoes, and are sound on your feet, as you will have to follow a small rocky path through the dense jungle up the hill. There are small drop pools to be found, and certainly an interesting trip for the more adventurous tourist.
Follow the small road at the western end of the Ao Yon beach by the prawn farm to its end where you will find the car park, then 100 metres to the right of the parking is the path leading up the waterfall.
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